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Mobstaz Corporation is a tech startup based in heart of the Silicon Valley.
Our vision is to create a personalization platform with 360-degree consumer intelligence at the core.

Manage Data In Petabytes

Mobstaz business model enables building a strong industry alliance with access large size of data with high quality.

Process new data in Terabytes

Mobstaz solution are built to cope with the fast evolving industry. Everyday, Mobstaz sees terabytes of incremental data coming around the world with refreshing insights.

Cover DAU in Hundred Millions

Mobstaz has built its global footprint from day one. Through our strong ecosystem, we are creating value for hundreds of millions users around the world.


Apps Data Daily


Websites Data Daily


POIs Daily


Countries Daily

Our Services

Why you choose mobstaz

Data Warehouse

Manage data in large scales with state of arts Big Data technologies

User Profiling

Build personalization user profile store with rich data and machine learning techniques

Data Visualization

Transform bits and bytes into actionable insights from reports and web portals

Credit Rating

Predict the financial health via machine learning techniques and financial modeling


Personalize content experience based on user interest and profiling in news and ecommerce experience

Customer Acquisition

Improve marketing efficiency and increase user acquisition quality via accurate targeting


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